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New PokerStars Download

After recent online poker development,s in the U.S.A the PokerStars main page has moved from to .If you wish to download and install the PokerStars software and play poker for real money on PokerStars then you will need to go to for the time being.The PokerStars banner below will take you directly to if you click on it.

Recent events in the U.S.A means that poker players based in the U.S.A can no longer play online poker but all poker players living outside of the U.S.A are free to continue playing poker online. PokerStars are still the biggest online poker room in the world and will continue to provide a great service to existing poker players and new poker players.All new players signing up with PokerStars will also still get an amazing $600 first deposit bonus plus lots more.Below i have listed  few useful links about pokerStars which you might find interesting.