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Is online poker fixed?

Is online poker fixed is a question often asked by players and especially by players who are on a losing streak or by players who are not very good at poker.Is online poker fixed is a question that gives online poker a bad name and with no just reason as i,ll go on to explain.First i,d just like to say thatonline poker is gambling and since the start of time people have been looking for and finding ways to cheat at gambling so i,m not saying that nobody has ever managed to cheat playing poker online what i,m saying is that the online poker sites are NOT fixed.


First you have to take into account the amount of money online poker sites make so that would be shooting themselves in the foot if they were  in anyway to fix a match in favor of anyone.Think of the money casinos make?,you imagine casinos taking in millions and millions right?.Well online poker sites make even more money than casinos as they don,t have to buy a building or rent one,they don,t have to pay dealers,pit bosses,security and all the other staff you would find working in a casino and the online poker site always wins as players are not playing against the house.Yeah sure they don,t make money of food and drink like the casinos do but this is loose change believe me.


Secondly online poker sites are regulated by governments and independent agencies using RNG (random number generator) tests on a regular basis which test millions of cards and decks to make sure everything is legit and above board.


Thirdly the reason most people ask the question is online poker fixed is after a bad beat or two and they start to think that something is not right,well this will happen online as you play much more hands online than you do playing at a table.Online poker is fast,you have 30 seconds to make your move online and this leads to more hands and the possibility of getting more bad beats.

The other reason you will get more bad beats at online poker than playing poker at the table is that you are not playing face to face so people are more likely to go for long shots as they will not be made fun of to their face by other players at the table and they can always quickly move to another table once everyone know,s they are playing loose.

If you are playing in a live poker game face to face with your opponents you will not make the same calls and hit those hands that leave people with bad beats as you risk a red face if you get caught out going for a pot with only a 44% chance of winning but online you might and this is why you get more bad beats online.


So i could probably go on about online poker not being fixed and go into examples about online poker not being fixed but a think anyone with half a brain will see that it,s not possible and the online poker sites would just not do it and could not do it.If you have had a few bad beats just take them on the chin and remember how many times you won a hand on the river with long odds when it turned out the other player was miles ahead on the turn card?.


If you think anyone is cheating at a poker table or that two or more players are in collusion then don,t hesitate to report them as it,s not only you they are cheating and lesser players might not spot it.If you are worried about reporting someone in case you are wrong don,t be,the poker site,s computers will be able to determine if something is suspect about a players playing history and they will be dealt with accordingly,if you were wrong nothing will happen to you you will be thanked for your information.